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This is the top of the line high powered Orgonite® based Orgone Generator® hand crafted by the only inventor of the Orgone Generator®/Orgonite® and his children.

Instant sainthood could certainly be achieved, at least best in your field - will years of meditation and chi cultivation be a thing of the past as is churning butter?

You have certainly seen many of the knock-off types of Orgonite®, of which if you filled a sky scraper with you may have as much orgone as is generated by the Welz heavy duty devices.

Contrary to commonly available misinformation, Orgonite® in itself does not generate Orgone -- it only accumulates it. Those who praise Dr. Reich should know this as it is a central theme to all of his studies. Further, he insisted that for his Orgone Accumulators to be effective - they must be placed around a positive atmosphere. What does this mean for those want their small handful of Orgonite® to 'transmute' the electromagnetic soup which surrounds us? NOT GOOD, Reich found that Orgone accumulators placed around toxic environments produced DOR - Deadly Orgone.

The same ones who credit Reich or Don and Carol Croft with Orgonite® also refuse to read a bit deeper into such great scientists as Reichenbach, Mesmer (origin of the word Mesmerize) and Korschelt. To have studied Wilhelm Reich even only on Wikipedia, one can see that he was a student of Sigmund Freud. Freud being well versed in hypnosis and the teachers (such as Mesmer) who wrote about Animal Magnetism (now magnetism personnel overseas) and other names for what Reich termed as "Orgone". To take this lineage and pick out pieces but ignore the others of it is liken to saying European colonialists were the first on this land...oops, but let's not forget about the bones of the Aboriginees which were verified by several to be here some 40,000 years before the Siberians; Native Americans.

Technical Details:

The purpose of the ATG12 Orgone Generator® is the generating of life force, or Chi energy. Therefore, all radionics devices from HSCTI have a built-in Chi Generator® (orgone generator®) to provide the power necessary for effective action at a distance!

The New ATG 12 - double the power of the ATGS 3000, more versatility, more simultaneous operations, with built-in Precision Frequency Meter: to set up for planetary frequencies, radionics frequencies, mind frequencies or any other frequency you choose (0.6 Hz - 450 Hz)

The ATG 12000 is by far the most advanced, versatile and powerful work station for trend management: 12 orgone generators® in ring shape, each one can be provided with a precision frequency of your choice, which boosts precision of structural linkage based on your abstractions of trend or target (radionics settings). Since each of these frequencies can be expressed with thousands of different positions of the three frequency tuning dials, and each setting producing the same frequency of your choice. Complementary precision frequency meter is included. Naturally, you can use this extraordinary powerful equipment to generate very powerful "astrological greenhouses" with ease, and in combination with the super manifestation program or with the manifestation program - or both - you can run 24 simultaneous operations with ease, even more, or you can run single operations with maximal amounts of the power of Chi, orgone or prana: the power, which makes action at a distance possible. You can give each one of the 12 generators a specific frequency representing a basic energy (for instance a planetary energy), a separate transfer diagram, and run up to three simultaneous operations on each one of these generators with a specifically set frequency.

The ATG 12, ATGS 3000 and RAD 5 are donut-shaped Chi Generators®. Their output pipes point to the center. Their frequency settings are also acting as structural links, or "radionics rates" according to experts in that method. You can also define them as numeric representations of abstractions, which define specific trend energies or targets, or both.

One does not need to have a desire for or even know about Radionics to use this device, it can simply be left running inside the home and as such has been reported to produce untold benefits.

Pound for pound if this cost as much as some of the so-called artisans who sell small pendants for extremely high rates proportionate to their effect; it would cost as much as a small house. This is not factoring the 100-1000x strength that can be appreciated from the fine metal powder above and beyond the dense chunks (explained in store summary).

The donut-shaped combination of five heavy duty Chi generators® have a cumulative effect; in that the sum is greater than the total of its parts. The five output pipes point to the center. You can use their frequency settings as structural links (radionics rates/spells even). (What is one doing different than casting spells, when "spelling" - writing - speaking - thinking?) With the new possibility of setting precise frequencies between approximately 0.6 Hz and 450 Hz, the new ATG 12 is a powerful tool not only for radionic settings, but also to set precise frequencies that have impact on the mind, precise frequencies representing planetary energies, specific parts of the body, etc.

Using the complimentary frequency meter, you can set up precision frequency settings. Due to the fact that three dials are determining the frequency, there are thousands of positions of the three dials possible, all of which represent the same precision frequeny, and this allows you to "radionically" adapt to existing patterns, environments and circumstances surrounding thesituation, which you intend to develop according to your desires and plans, and which maximizes your flexibility in dealing with a situation as it also optimizes the structural linkage to the target(s) and trend(s) of your operation. Naturally, with such advantages in flexibility, as well as sheer power and the capability of working many operations simultaneously, this extraordinary Trend Generator is ideal to achieve positive permanent change in the most complex situations; situations, which can involve a multitude of persons being ciontributing factors of such situations, such as a large business or any other organization.

As you see in the picture above, each of the twelve generators can be switched on and off individually. With this amazing device, you can treat 12 fields of life experience simultaneously or you can use it for up to 24, even 36 different actions at the same time.

Like the ATGS 3000, the ATG 12 is excellent as a device that can provide you with living water, and it can do this in large quantities rapidly! And, as you can do with the devices of the AO-series, you can use the ATGS 3000 as well to charge food (to the left). With an AOPTC (Aqua Optimizer Power Transfer Couple) you can direct this energy any place: You can run your ATGS 12000 in your home while on a trip. All you need is the transfer, onto which you put your juices, water and food, to enliven them and to charge them with life energies. In fact, you can project additional energy into food and drink by putting that energy's symbol (or other representation) next to the food that you eat or the drink that you enjoy!

Astrological Trend Energies

For persons who do not know very much about astrology: Astrological trend energies are the result of an interaction between the individual astrological constellation at birth (the chart representing the planets at the time of birth, or the horoscope of a person) and the planetary positions in the Solar system at any given time. These positions, as seen from the Earth, take the aspect of a multiple trend-link of cosmic proportions. The individual modulation effect depends largely on the individual structure of the receiving organism, or target (the person for whom the astrological horoscope is interpreted. Astrology describes trends of the past, present, and future, by way of interrelating these structures of the planetary system. Over the millennia, several sets of rules evolved that were eventually condensed into a relatively simple syntax.

orgonite ring chi generator atg 12 with water bottle and moduleClick Here to see the Free Astrology Course on the Interenet !

From our point of view, i.e., seeing the planetary system as a huge radionics device that is powered by life energy, it was a very small step to work astrology the other way around: namely to actually model a system of life force generators after the astrological basic structure, i.e., the twelve fields of life experience ("astrological houses"). With this generator-modulator of planetary-type life force (orgone), you are now capable of setting up an "astrological greenhouse". This "astrological greenhouse" compares well to greenhouses that people use to grow plants in areas where the outside climate would never allow such a thing. With your astrological greenhouse (the ATG 12) you can now generate astrological trends of very specific events, or actions, when such trends are not promised in an individual chart. In fact, you can now go one step further: To expedite a solution to a challenge,

Most importantly, by now you can use planetary positions and patterns that never occur naturally, just the same way as you can use a conventional greenhouse to design climatic conditions and sequences of climatic condisions of your choice: conditions whichat do not exist anywhere on this planet.

The advantages of such a technology are mindboggling!!!

What's even more exciting is the fact that you do not need to be a professional astrologer to gain the full benefit of this extremely powerful method! In fact, with the help of the Quick Reference Sheet, which is in the Manual for ADM, custom designing the energy that you are activating for the purpose of getting the your desired results is as easy as 1-2-3 !!!

Besides a brief introduction into basic custom designing of astrological energies using key words, as described in the user manual, there is no training required! Therefore custom-designing astrological energies is infinitely much easier to do than to interpret an astrological chart. With this extraordinary equipment for Astrological Trend Generating, you receive a user manual, and in this user manual you can find a quick-reference sheet with the key words for the astrological factors: planets,signs of the zodiac and mundane houses. All you need to do is combine these key words, following a few very easy rules, and this way you can custom-design any desired effect.

In other words: Now you have the technology to generate optimal astrological progressions and to block undesired trends successfully. The progfessional astrologer who uses the ATG 12 is no longer a mere interpretor of trends and at best a counsellor. There is no doubt that the astrologer who uses the ATG 12 is the "wise who rules the stars". This astrologer naturally is the true professional who helps rather than merely talking

As you can see, the ATG 12 has twelve orgone generators® that are cast into a donut shape and point toward the center. The output pipes are silver. Each generator represents one astrological house or one astrological sign, depending ou your personal preferences. Each generator is powered by a pulse module, the frequency of which is determined by three dials. This allows you to set the desired characteristics of each field of life experience (symbolized by the twelve astrological houses) as structural links, even if you have never interpreted an astrological chart.

You have an extremely powerful alternative to astrological settings: You can also use each orgone generator® of your ATG 12 individually for one specific action each, 12 different target persons with 12 different effects. For this operation, the Basic Manifestation Program is as excellent an accessory as there can be! With this program you can run up to twelve different actions of your ATGS 3000 at the same time, and up to 36 with your ATG 12.

The ATG 12000 is the top of the line Chi Generator® and Manifestation/Radionics Equipment.

Its special circular arrangement of twelve power generators, each one powered by a three dial precision frequency setting, makes the generating of any astrological trend as easy as child’s play! The flexibility of this device is unsurpassed! With this extremely powerful device, you can virtually create your own universe !!!

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