Products and Services – How Shall I Live?

These by far are the best available products available in this particular field for use in defense, as well as in proactive measures. Coming soon are the plans for the custom designed lead-lined, grounded faraday cage which has an ultra high defense rating by experts for any type of psychic or microwave attack.


Experimental Energy Generator 5 – Radionic Device Utilizing Pulsing Electromagnetic Frequencies Suspended in a Medium of Orgonite – Life Force Substrate

Now the power is back in your hands. Customizable Hz frequency dials to set in harmony with your brainwaves so that you can have unstoppable focus and mental power. Pulse ElectroMagnetic Signals to your friends and enemies alike for whatsoever means you desire. Very rare and new technology. How many had access to a desktop when it first came out or even had heard of one existing? This Generator uses 5 pulsing electromagnetic fields to provide a hyper focused stream of life force able to be directed at up to 30 targets simultaneously. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and let the fun begin.

$3,399 USD does include shipping





Experimental Energy Generator 12

The Ultimate Generator – top of the line of its sort available to the public today.

12 pulsing customizable electromagnetic generators programmable to the 1/10th of HZ and directing a powerful punch on up to 150 targets. (There is an exponential effect with generators used in conjunction.)

36 dials with high powered heavy weight iron based hyper charged orgonite® concentrating streams of life force with specifically tuned frequencies into the microcosm of the generator, which can be directed anywhere in the universe! Comes with an instruction manual.



Experimental Energy Generator 2.5

$2369.00 TOP OF THE LINE… Specifically pre programmed for PEAK PHYSICAL AND MENTAL performance frequencies.




$369.00 pictured with transfer piece and dials to adjust frequency of pulse






$159.99 USD picture with transfer couple…Handmade piece tethering energy production with its brother/sister piece at all times…Puling EM energy transfers instantly. Pulse is set to Schumann Resonance.






Have your own personalized “satellite” able to target energy towards whatsoever you desire customizable with specific audio frequencies, colors, imaging, and abstractions. This program available for an extra $200 with any generator purchase!