In the more broad sense of “satellite weapons” one must look no further than the weaponized degeneracy oozing and _ from Hollywood and the like at a rapid rate it would seem 20 tons of degeneracy is pumped into the human thought sphere every second. This pressurized high pressure focused pipe of density is aimed squarely at your mind every waking moment, and at the mind of our world’s youth — “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future” Adolf Hitler

Who do you think is going to win – a massive team of highly paid, educated, skilled and focused marketers hellbent on turning your children out into zombies fertile and fit for consumption and a life as a slave to their whims, or ‘mom’?

Even us adults have a squishy moist sensitive brain susceptible and highly sensitive to input – THE BRAIN HAS NO FIREWALL.

Direct weaponized energy devices are outlined in other parts to the site, though the mass shotgun approach of the Hollywood MKULTRA propaganda machine are equally relevant. I have already outlined a few of the many patents which demonstrate the tools for which specific light and sound combinations can quickly and effectively change the brain wave state.

Affecting EEG brain waves is the key medium for targeted satellite weapons, explained in further detail here.

These tools date back to the first rhythmic/hypnotic inductions in church ceremonies, and now are more commonly used for malicious purposes than benevolent. The average attention span is rapidly shrinking. I wonder why? “You Now Have A Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish”



The CIA’s declassified mind control experiments. Non consensual experimentation which was openly admitted. Uses of ritual torture, LSD/drug dosing on witting victims, and all the extreme nastiness you can imagine in an effort to control the mind.

Jose Delgado, a professor at Yale who researched mind control through electronic simulation proved that by chipping the human brain it can be controlled at a distance. And admitted prior to his death that the chips are no longer needed with sufficient technological advancement. Of course, had Tesla prevailed over Edison (as he should’ve rightfully) we would have colonies on the moon by now.