Your cells are being constantly bombarded with waves of every sort — you are sitting in an electromagnetic soup! This is different than the “Targeted Individuals” who are hit by satellite weapons, though similar in some ways that the mental and physical health implications can be dramatic. Ever consider how you might feel differently if all cell towers, power lines, TV’s, satellite’s, radio waves, WIFI, and other electromagnetic devices were on pause? Do you think your cellular function is affected by being blasted by invisible waves constantly? These potentially deadly electromagnetic waves have been studied sine their inception. Willhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist had good insights on living organism and the “Unified Field” which he referred to as being compromised of Orgone Energy – life energy.

With his Oranur experiment, Wilhelm Reich attempted to find ways of using Organic Life Energy against the effects of nuclear radiation.  The effects of this experiment proved to be devastating on the surroundings of the experiment, and Reich realized the emergence of a form of life force that appeared to be rigidified, stale – as with so much of our rigid industrialized environments.  Reich labeled this energy DOR, or Deadly ORgone energy.  DOR had extremely negative effects upon the human organism and life forms in general, and an atmosphere of DOR causes an orgone accumulator to “foul up” – a form of which is used on many “Targeted Individuals”.

In other words, such an orgone accumulator (insert any form of life – humans included) became a source of DOR itself and it had to be dismantled.  Soon it became clear that, besides radioactive emanations, other forms of EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) transform orgone into its stale form of DOR.  Typically, fluorescent tubes and TV screens or computer monitors generate DOR, as is experienced by many people who are forced to be exposed to such devices for extended periods of time. 

The rigidity in modern schools and society (based on Prussian military system) is yet another macrocosm of the overly rigid ‘deadly’ emanation by an organism.

Electromagnetic pollution from cellular telephones, especially its towers, is well known and recognized – and even now believed to cause diabetes. “Dirty Electricity” —  So-called geopathic stress zones have similar effects on the living organism as has DOR.  In fact, such stress zones behave very much like devices that emit DOR permanently. Being confronted with the potential of DOR, Karl Hans Welz invented a DOR generator.  The advantage of such a generator is that it can be turned off with ease, contrary to the orgone accumulator that contained radioactive material in Reich’s Oranur experiment. The effect of the DOR generator on the human being was immediately evident.  Within seconds, bystanders felt pain in their lymph nodes and felt weak, and some felt nauseous or at least very “edgey”.  This situation changed immediately whenever a pulsating Experimental Energy Generator. The Generators in our store have a function similar to the one of the orgone accumulator in the Reichian experiment.