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New Blog Post – Mysterious Towers Costing 50million Pop Up All Over New York City. Art? Don’t think so!



Update: Diplomats in Cuba Attacked by Sonic Weapon. Mainstream reports – not so farfetched now!

“Mysterious Sonic Weapons” Also reported by Canadian Diplomats. Nausea, central nervous system damage, etc. When will public realize the evidence is in plain sight?

Satellite Weapons are Real and Being Utilized NOW

Satellite Weapons of every sort are being used NOW including Mind Control, V2K (Voice to Skull), MK Ultra, Hypnotic Suggestion, Ionizing Radiation, Microwave Radiation, ELF (Extremely Low Frequency), Energy Directed Weapons, Gang Stalking, Psychic Warfare, Mass Entrainment, Light/Sound Programmable Media, Sexualized Hypnosis, Hypnotic Suggestion, Mass Hypnosis, and Satellite ‘Death Ray’ type beams to name a few.

As with any tool, it can be used for good or evil. Sad to say, most are in the ‘dark ages’ in regards to true understanding of the technology at our finger tips.

The history of mind control dates back since beginning of time and has been used as long as two leggeds have been on earth. It is common knowledge that military technology is 40 years beyond anything the general public is exposed to and the Military Industrial Complex certainly has their hands on some nasty stuff…For better or worse it is your duty and birthright, as one who doesn’t want to be left behind, to educate yourself further on some of these matters. Weapons of great prowess ready to be used at the beckon call of any $ignificantly Intere$ted Partie$. These weapons and technologies are not limited to “big brother” but many civilians are able to use satellite weapons on their fellow man!

In a real sense, everyone is being affected by a form Satellite Weapons, it’s just a matter of what degree you are targeted! At the very least, the bombardment of light sound which has been patented and proven __ to be able to influence the human mind

Not to mention the 60hz programming of every house in America which contributes to the high doses of _electrosmog_ pounding your cells with EMF waves

NON-CONSENSUAL EXPERIMENTATION — The ZOMBIE GUN is one of many reported non-consensual experiments happening now.

Vladimir Putin: “Whoever controls the best directed energy weapons, will control the world without guns or bullets”


Hollywood is Weaponized Degeneracy

Ya don’t say! Teenagers corruptible even recognized here by Main Stream media?

More on the MKULTRA PIZZAGATE HOLLYWHACK epicenter of trash here

The inventors of the video camera knew that they had to keep it out of the hands of wicked men They failed miserably. Imagine how much we could have been learning all these years instead of being sand blasted and brain washed with smut and trash? Seems the tides are again turning and the internet is bringing in great leveling of the playing field with widespread information.

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford what a of couple great guys:


The Brain is extremely sensitive and susceptible to radio waves, microwaves, and   is a hypersensitive date processing organ in general. The average person doesn’t consider that others far more cunning and immoral than themselves are cultivating these tools against mankind! Don’t get left on the sidelines with the ‘short end of the stick’ while others are using these advanced tools and technologies against you even while you sleep!

In the sense of the mass media ‘shotgunning’ the general public with disharmonious brainwaves, we are all ‘victims’ of satellite weapons. Did you know the average Abercrombie and Fitch or similar department store spends up to $200k USD to manipulate the exact pulsing of the music, light spectrum, scent melody, etc to lure you into buying their products?

In the sense of being a “Targeted Individual,” there are very few who fall prey to these hyper potent super computers and biomodulating energy weapons specifically tailored to one’s DNA – thought it is becoming more and more common.

Government Mind Control with Dr John Hall and Alex Jones

Dr John Hall is a Medical Doctor and expert in Satellite Weapons, Gangstalking, Surveillance, and Targeted Individuals based out of San Antonio, Texas.  His book “A New Breed in Satellite Terrorism” is available on Amazon here.


You too can fight back, and even use experimental technology of your own to gain a cutting edge in the coming technocracy.

A tinfoil hat is not sufficient and may actually cause more harm than good. There are many tools and techniques thousands of years of combined experience by scientific experts, doctors, and others have come to amass. As persons with hands on experience in combatting SATWEAPONS as well some experimental ones of our own, buy our products or call us anytime for a free consultation.

It is amazing so many gullible persons spend hundreds of dollars on “EMF BLOCKERS” not knowing the first thing about EMF waves or electronics – if they overpriced “BLOCKERS” worked (made of holy crystals or ‘scalar quantum’) combinations – your cellphone wouldn’t be able to make phone calls! I pay good money for cell service and would much rather give my body the vital boost it needs to neutralize the harmful effects than to try and convince myself I can “BLOCK” them. What’s RESISTED PERSISTS, we must BE LIKE WATER in the fight for attaining peak physical and mental health.